CH101 - The First Century

The Primitive Church - 30 - 100 A.D.

Greeks - Seleucids - Romans
Hellenization & Maccabean Revolt
Introduction - Primitive Christianity
The Initial "Jesus" Movement
Christianity in Conflict
Outreach to the Gentiles
Conversion of the Apostle Paul
Jerusalem Council
James, brother of Jesus
The beginning of persecution
The destruction of the Temple
Post-Apostolic writings
New Testament Canon, Part 1
New Testament Canon, Part 2

Summary and Applications
Jesus was a first century Jewish man preaching his message to first century Jews. The first 15 years of this new "Jesus movement" was basically a Jewish sect called "The Way." Racial tensions had existed within Judaism and found their way into this new movement. These tensions increased when Saul of Tarsus comes on the scene and aggressively takes the gospel to the Gentile world. From the record in the NT, even the apostles had conflict.

Application 1
Leaders in the church cannot live under a false expectation of unity all the time. We are called to live in unity, yet we cannot force this on others. As individuals we must be committed to doing our part. Leaders must embrace the humility of admitting when they have been wrong, and quickly forgive others.

In 66 AD Zealot Jews attempt to throw off Roman rule. The Romans descend on Judea, laid siege to, and overthrows Jerusalem in 70 AD, burning the Temple to the ground. Christianity had been just another Jewish sect, but now begins to break away from Judaism to become a Gentile dominated church. In this period of transition, partly due to doctrinal differences, the Gentile church takes on an anti-Semitic tone.

Application 2
God calls us to reach the lost and to guard the church against false doctrine and moral laxity. Leaders in the church must be faithful to the gospel, but must be careful not to win the battle and lose the war. No person, no denomination has perfect doctrine or a perfect understanding of the biblical text. Somehow we must hold to the essentials, yet allow love and grace to reach out through us. The non-essentials should not hinder the unity Jesus prays for in John 17.

Coming in Chapter 2
The Persecuted Church, 90 - 202 A.D.

The Roman Persecutions
Overview of The Apostolic Fathers documents
Initial Heresies
- Docetism
- Marcion
- Gnosticism
The New Testament Canon
The Apologists
- Justin Martyr
- Irenaeus

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- was athanasius black
- tertullian/paul/marcion
- worship on sunday
- origen and universalism
- water baptism
- wine in ancient world
- fathers on NT Revelation
- fathers on holiness
- fathers on the military
- apostolic succession
- palestine or israel?
- candles in church
- pagan influences
- constantine-Sun worship
- constantine vs donatists

Book Reviews
- church traditions
- book reviews
- Buzzard - the Trinity
- David Bercot books

Biblical Issues
- what is false doctrine?
- pacifism and the NT
- who wrote NT Hebrews
- the trinity
- the apocrypha
- saul the persecutor
- NT, faith, resurrection
- NT and tithing
- Is the NT inspired?
- wine in the bible

Culture and Opinion
- christian tolerance
- faith and certainty
- end of the spear

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