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This page started with a response to a fellow professor who claimed that Muslim terrorists were not a serious threat. SADLY, I have to add to this page far too often to update news of significant terrorist attacks. This problem is NOT going away.

Carnage in New York City as an immigrant from Uzbekistan Uses a Rental Truck to Run Over Walkers and Bikers in a Terrorist Attack

Nov 23, 2017

We cannot protect ourselves from Muslim terrorism when Federal judges stand in the way of safer immigration and attempts to manage our borders.

In February 2017 I posted an article titled, "Many Evangelicals do Not Agree with The National Association of Evangelicals" regarding their position against the proposed travel bans the newly-elected President Trump had tried to use. We all know that State AGs sought out progressive federal judges to block the President.

The NAE article, based on a letter by Galen Carey takes the position that " Americans have been killed on U.S. soil by a resettled refugee."

I called this letter (and the position supported by the NAE) "disingenuous and misleading." While the thesis statement was literally true it failed to acknowledge several terrorist incidents committed by Muslims who had been brought to the USA by their refugee (or immigrant) parents fleeing difficult homelands. You can read my article to be reminded of the nearly 100 people murdered in these incidents. Just to help you remember, these attacks included the Boston Marathon bomb (Apr 2013), in Chattanooga (July 2015), the San Bernadino shooting (Dec 2015) and the Orlando nightclub (June 2016). You can find a list of ALL Muslim terrorism attacks, most of which are in the Middle East.

Well, now we have our first terrorist attack in New York City since 9-11 that led to a death. Sayfullo Saipov immigrated here from Uzbekistan in 2010 on a now infamous "Diversity VISA." True, Uzbekistan has never been on any Trump travel ban - but it should be. Uzbekistan is a hotbed for Islamic radicals [See "Why Does Uzbekistan Export So Many Terrorists?"].

I just did a search for "Saipov" on the NAE web site and this was the result: "Nothing Found." The NAE and Galen Carey should have the courage to at least address the article and the stand they took in light of the terrorist attack by Saipov.

At some point we need to face the fact that radical Muslims are making consistent efforts to enter our nation with the intention of killing innocent people. It is not xenophobic for a nation-state to protect its borders and its citizens. This is the first priority of EVERY nation-state.

According Pew Research [], there are just over 2 million adult Muslims in the USA with more than 1/2 being immigrants.

The same study states, "Nearly all Muslims in Afghanistan (99%) and most in Iraq (91%) and Pakistan (84%) support sharia law as official law." This is just another reason we need more rigorous vetting of immigrants. We should not allow Muslims into this country if they believe sharia law should be followed. We do not allow religious groups to excuse themselves from the laws of our nation. Where our government looks the other way most Americans would complain, and rightly so.

"Muslims mostly say that suicide bombings and other forms of violence against civilians in the name of Islam are rarely or never justified, including 92% in Indonesia...In the United States, a 2011 survey found that 86% of Muslims say such tactics are rarely or never justified. An additional 7% say suicide bombings are sometimes justified and 1% say they are often justified."

It is easy to get lost in the numbers. Only 86% of Muslims in the USA say terrorist violence is "rarely or never justified." Seven percent of Muslims in the USA say suicide bombing is "sometimes" justified! And 1% say suicide bombing is "often" justified!

With 2 million adult Muslims in the USA this means 140,000 think it is "sometimes" justified to use a suicide bomb! And a full 20,000 Muslims in the USA think it is "often" justified to use a suicide bomb!

We are in serious trouble, yet the Progressives act like we are racist bigots for yelling "Fire" while people are trying to set the movie theatre ablaze. We will unfortunately see more terrorist attacks like the one in NYC.

As I mentioned in my first article, Galen Carey and the NAE make it difficult to respond to their articles, but I challenge Carey to address this issue. I pray one of his loved ones does not suffer or die from a terrorist attack perpetrated by an Islamic immigrant or the child of such an immigrant...or refugee.


See the Muslim terrorist attacks in 2017. Most have been against other Muslims, but there have been 11 attacks in the Western world.

ISIS Claims Terrorist Attack at an Ariana Grande Concert, Killing 22 Children in Manchester UK

May 23, 2017

This madness must stop!
You immediately think I am talking about Muslim terrorism which is obvious. But what I am talking about right now is the crazy desire to be so careful that we not openly speak against Muslim terrorism.

I followed this terrorist attack last night prior to going to bed. Now, more than 12 hours later, MOST of the news sites online are NOT reporting that the bomber HAS been identified as Salman Abedi. This should be on the home page of EVERY news source online, yet there is just as much real estate on these web sites with negative coverage of President Trump. THAT is such an easy call for those who stick their heads in the sand. CBS News online is the ONLY source I have found that names the bomber.

NOBODY would treat threats to their family like this. Robbery and random murders in your neighborhood would NOT call for keeping your doors unlocked or a sign on your house stating "ALL Visitors are Welcome Here - We Have a Spare Room!"

Yet many are calling for us to have open immigration like this while we know ISIS and other terrorist groups are fanning operatives around the globe to wreak violence.

The gospel does not call us to act with violence. Indeed, I salute those who are reaching out to Muslims with the gospel. But the gospel does not call us to walk into danger willy-nilly or glibly allow our children to do so. IF YOU feel called to do this - Fine! But the gospel does not call us intentionally place ourselves in the way of danger UNLESS we are specifically taking the gospel into danger. I have done this. I have allowed my own adult children to do this. But it is arrogant for me to act as if this is an unconditional demand upon ALL Christians.

We need to demand that our news sources AND our politicians stop covering up the truth - Muslim terrorism must be faced down.


Domestic Terrorism at a Minnesota Mall AND Bombing in New Jersey

Sept 22, 2016

An American-Muslim attacks and stabs several people shopping in a Minnesota mall. The same day we had the bombing in New Jersey conducted by another American-Muslim.

How will Americans react to these terrorism attacks that are increasing in number? We now have Muslims, claiming to be Americans, who in fact hate what the U.S.A. stands for. We have had more than one attacker reveal his hatred of our freedom for gays and for women. We have heard that our continued bombing, usually through drone strikes also gives them motivation.

Please take moment to share your thoughts, as a Christian, sharing what you think should be done in response to these terrorists attacks.


Catholic Priest is Killed During Mass in France

July 28, 2016

Yet another terrorist attack - Muslims enter a Catholic church during morning Mass, force the 85 year old priest to his knees and cut his throat while a few others watch in horror.

Some 2,500 young French people have applied to join reserve forces in response to an appeal after the Bastille Day massacre in Nice on July 14...

We must be merciless, said Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The legal quibbling, precautions and pretexts for insufficient action are not acceptable....There is no more time to be wasted.

To get an update on ALL terrorist attacks, visit the Wiki site. Not every incident is Muslim terrorism, but this list allows you to see ALL such attacks around the world.


ANOTHER Terrorist Attack in France
84 Dead, Dozens Injured

July 14, 2016

Another major terrorist attack. More innocent people killed. Sadly, we are becoming used to these kind of attacks. Why? Because they are happening now with greater regularity.

What disturbs me almost as much is the way our media is covering such attacks. I believe the major media in the USA is taking cues from President Obama and his administration that wants to avoid the term "terrorism" and certainly does not want to name Muslims as perpetrators.

On the morning AFTER the Nice attack I visited four different news web sites. This was just around 7:00am US Central time, thus it was early on the morning after the attack. I wanted to see if our media was having difficulty declaring that this had been an act of terror - the "Right" has accused the Obama Admin of not wanting to use this terminology (they used "workplace violence" to describe the Fort Hood attack). I was listening to NPR and they were following this mindset - I wanted to see if the major USA media was doing the same.

The first site I went to was the Telegraph in the UK. I find UK media typically more objective and less politically correct and wanted to see how they were presenting the news. I have added red boxes to highlight where/how they are declaring terrorism. Also, note the photographs - more gruesome than what you will see in the US Media. Admittedly, the UK media tend to be more provocative - but they used photos of the covered dead bodies.

So I now KNOW that at least one UK outlet is reporting this as a "terrorist attack." Next I go to the CNN web site. The Nice attack does lead, but notice all of the other news on the page. Secondly, notice the headline: "Truck Rams Crowd..." I guess this follows the Left view on guns killing people. A "truck" killed these people, not a person and certainly NOT a terrorist. In fact, the "attacker was known...for petty crime."
Also, notice the photos - fairly benign compared to the Telegraph.
The word "terror" does appear....barely.

Next, I went to the NY Times web site. Like CNN, the Times claims that a "truck" killed people. The sub headline calls it a "calamity" and the photo is completely benign. The term "terror" does appear 3 times, but not boldly. One mention is in a quote.
You MIGHT find this kind of reporting objective, but I am certainly showing a significant difference in how a terrorist attack can be reported.

Finally, I went to the FOX News web site. Fox does lead with "terrorist" AND identifies the nationality of the driver. I was actually listening to the NPR coverage while visiting and capturing these screenshots. At that point they had not used the term "terror" yet and they were stating that "NOTHING" was known about the driver. WHILE they were reporting this Fox was reporting his Tunisian ID. Also, notice the photos on FOX News are far more emotional as well.

Again, I was listening to NPR while I was doing this investigation. I was stunned at how benign their coverage was - not once did any of the anchors mention the term "terror" or "terrorism," yet when they went on-site to Eleanor Beardsley she DID use the term at the end of her segment. For the remainder of the coverage the NPR anchors never used the term and kept saying they were reporting the "latest" coverage. So while FOX News already had the driver identified as Tunisian, NPR was stating "nothing" was known about the driver.

Again, this MIGHT seem that I am being overly critical of our media, but this is just one single case of how Muslim terrorism is being purposely hid from the public in the USA.

I am listening to NPR right now! [07-18-2016; 7:23AM CST]
Eleanor Beardsley is reporting on the radicalization of Muslim young men in France, but the NPR anchors led her segment by stating that the background of the Nice driver had NOT been connected to any terrorist group.

For me, this goes against common sense. The young man MAY have been emotionally or psychologically unstable...BUT most of us would say that ALL of these guys are unstable. What kind of person purposely drives a large truck at fairly high speed right into a crowd of people? What kind of sane person walks into a gay bar and starts shooting people? IF a man did this and claimed to be a conservative Christian does anyone really think the Left-leaning media would jump to defend the person as "unbalanced" or would they want to "investigate" HOW conservative Christian groups MIGHT be leading people to take this kind of action?


Another Terrorist Attack in the U.S.A.

Muslim Man Attacks LGTBA Bar in Orlando
50 Dead, 50+ Injured

June 14, 2016

I started this page very soon after the 10th anniversary of 9-11. My intention is to continue to post and comment on MAJOR terrorist acts - WE MUST ALL face the fact that this radical Islamic element is growing and is NOT going to just fade away.

I am surprised that it has taken this long for a radical jihadist to attack the LGBTA community. I am surprised they have not already attacked pro-choice people. The Progressive Left is the most aggressive pusher of protecting Muslims and insisting that we ALWAYS state "ALL Muslims are NOT terrorists" (this is obvious), yet they resist calling out Muslim radicals. IF ISIS and other radical Islamic groups gain the foothold they seek, some of the first people to get persecuted will be the LGBTA and pro-choice groups. Others will quickly follow: pornography pushers, rappers and more.

AGAIN, this incident in Orlando is only the tip of the iceberg.
WAKE UP! This is NOT going away!

There are NO Gays in Muslim Nations!
If we do not get serious about the hidden element of radical Islam in our nation we WILL see more of these attacks moving forward. In 2007 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran, told an audience at Columbia University: "...we don't have homosexuals like in your country...we do not have this phenomenon."

It is not difficult to find articles on how radical Muslims imprison, persecute and kill gays - Moderate Iran executes two gay men (Jihad Watch).


Terrorist Attacks in Belgium Kill
Over 30 People

Terrorist Attack in Belgium...More to Follow

Mar 25, 2016

NOW Belgium is the latest European nation to suffer a terrorist attack carried out by radical Muslims - suicide bombers who targeted innocent people.

Eight hours after the attack and explosions a news agency affiliated with the Islamic State issued a statement claiming responsibility, naming Belgium as "a country participating in the coalition against the Islamic State."

This is only the tip of the iceberg.
"We are at war," said the French prime minister, Manuel Valls. REALLY? I thought the previous war in Iraq was causing terrorism. I do not think ISIS named the War in Iraq nor did they say anything about our Gitmo facility in Cuba - these radical Muslims are not attacking the West because of anything other than they are attempting to establish a worldwide religious government.


San Bernardino Terrorists
A typical young couple...Really?

France suffers a Terrorist attacks...and now the USA has had a Paris-style attack - this is NOT going away.

Terrorist Attack in France...and Now in the USA

Dec 3, 2015

The attack in France should have been a wake up call for the entire Western world. NOW the USA has suffered an obvious terrorist attack carried out by radical Muslims living in our nation, calling themselves "American."

The attempts by President Obama and the Democrats who are trying to blame lack of gun control makes no sense. France has strict gun laws - it did NOT help them. Outlawing guns would not have stopped this couple from making IEDs. They could have killed far more people if they had used IEDs rather than assault rifles. Thank God they did not. They could have used Molotov cocktails and probably killed more. Guns are NOT the problem here - radical Muslims are the problem.

This is not going to stop. We should expect the attack in California to be one of many more. Is this Islamaphobia? No, it is reason.
World War I was ignited by a radical Muslim.
The Crusades were started as a response to radical Islam.
The 1983 Beirut bombing...the 2015 Beirut bombing...the 1998 US Embassy bombings in Africa...the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole...the attack of 9-11...Fort Hood...the Boston Marathon...Paris 2015...and now San Bernardino, California.

You cannot blame our involvement in Iraq - there were Muslim radicals prior to that. You cannot blame our support of Israel - we had this problem prior to 1946. Radical Muslims are out to take over the USA and the world - read my first encounter with a Muslim in 1983. So please do not tell me that our involvement in Iraq has caused this invasion of Muslims desiring to destroy our Republic.
Are ALL Muslims terrorists? No.
Do ALL Muslims hate America? No.
But if only 1% of Muslims are radical we have a HUGE problem - that means we have 16 Million radicals on the planet. There are 2.5 Million Muslims in the USA - if only 1% is radical, then we have 25,000 radical Muslims in this country.
Estimates given on Wiki show around 25,000 Muslims in California - so possibly 250 radical Muslims in the State of California. Thus San Bernardino. Let's cut the percentage of radicals in half - Can we take 100 MORE attacks like San Bernardino in California?

What do we do?
Christians should:
1. Pray for God's protection over you and your family.
2. Prepare yourself to be in a place where such an attack takes place.
This means think about what you will do. Men in special forces teach that if you never contemplate WHAT you will do in such a scenario, you will do NOTHING. This is what is happening - we are seeing more and more Americans cowering in fear when tragedy strikes. Men who are able should make up their minds NOW to DO SOMETHING. Some women should do the same. If an attacker suddenly had 5-6 people attacking him, he would likely panic. One or two might get shot, but an attacker would probably not get 1/2 of those attacking him. If 2-3 pulled out their handgun and started shooting at the attacker, the odds of fewer deaths would go up.

Yes, if 2-3 people started shooting at an attacker a few innocent people could get hit...but people are going to die.

Make up your mind now. Do not sit there and get killed.
RUN if you can. RUN if you hear an attacker trying to reload his weapon. When you attack, SHOUT and encourage others to join the attack.
3. Throw stuff at the attacker.
4. Plan. Everywhere you go in public you should look around, find exits, bathrooms and get a plan in your mind of how you can get out of the gunfire and/or make a successful attack against a terrorist.

Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos (left to right). The coward Muslim will remain unnamed.

American GIs Stop Terrorist Attack in France

Sept 11, 2015

The best way I could think of to thank U.S. Military personnel on this 9-11 memorial is to salute the three servicemen on vacation in Europe who jumped on and beat a would-be terrorist into unconsciousness. The terrorist had boarded a train in France with weapons and was ready to kill as many innocent people as he could.

The quick action of these three young men is a great example of how ALL of us need to be prepared to act in the increasing face of Muslim terrorism. They used force which probably saved the lives of several people.

Islam is on the rise. I thank God for those called to seek Muslims out to share the gospel with, but many have their minds/heart bent on killing as many "infidels" as possible and raping the women. Christians must be ready and willing to use force when confronted by killers who want to kill innocent people.

Pray that you never find yourself in such a place, but be prepared to act IF you do. Save lives around you by acting and using force.

Muslim Attacks in the West on the Rise

Sept 8, 2015

Now we are witnessing Muslim refugees fleeing the advance of ISIS. But, are they all refugees? There is growing evidence that many "refugees" are not fleeing from Syria - many could be militant Muslims engaged in a "Trojan Horse" movement to get into Europe and eventually the U.S.A.

You need to watch the YouTube video produced by National Geographic titled, "One Hour Compilation of how Islam is Ruining Europe and America." While there, you should watch the news video (Christian Broadcast Network) titled "Islamic Rape Wave in Norway" that reports how an extremely high percentage of rapes in Norway are committed by Muslim men on blonde native women. Apparently Islamic law somehow gives the men the right/freedom to rape a woman who is flaunting herself openly.

These are terrorists. Not as much as those blowing themselves up or conducting random killing attacks, but these are terrorists.


"Lone Wolf" Muslim Attacks Military Personnel

July 16, 2015

CNN reflects a significant number of Americans - We are not quite sure what motivated a young man named Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez to kill several unarmed military recruiters as Ramadan came to an end. ISIS called for lone wolf attacks during Ramadan, but we're just not quite sure what motivated Mohammad.

Attacks in the USA are increasing even though we vacated Iraq. There are still those who are blaming the the meager drone strikes. As we have retreated have the vicious terrorist attacks diminished around the world or increased?

Over 60 People Killed in Muslim Attacks

July 10, 2015

On June 26 Muslim terrorists killed over 60 people in three separate attacks: on a scenic beach in Tunisia, in a Kuwaiti mosque while Muslims were praying, and in Somalia Muslim militants killed several peacekeeping soldiers...finally another upset Muslim cut the head off of his boss at a U.S. owned gas plant in France.

A Muslim man walked down the beach with an automatic weapon hidden under a beach towel? He then begins to shooting tourists from Europe...on a resort beach...37 innocent people died while on vacation.

We had numerous warnings of attack on the 4th of July - we survived without ANY terrorist attacks (although 9 people were shot to death in Chicago). Not sure why we jump to call the white guy who killed the Christians in South Carolina, but we cannot call the shootings in Chicago terrorism?

Many in the media want to keep us under the false notion that Muslim terrorism is something FoxNews likes to scare us with - nothing to worry about. This page was started because I think Christians need to know what is happening and be ready to defend yourself and save innocent lives. We are NOT talking about using violence unless it is self-defense or to save others. You must think about how you will respond before terror strikes.


Coptics Christians Beheaded on a Beach

We have had a woman beheaded in Oklahoma. Now 21 Coptic men (reportedly Christians) beheaded on a beach. The terrorists say they are headed for Rome.

We have to come to grips with the fact these Islamic radicals are determined to take over the world and destroy our Christian culture...just as they attempted to do in the middle ages which led to the Crusades. "Are you calling this a holy war?" NO! But these Islamic radicals ARE calling this a holy war and the free world better do something.

I wonder if Prof Kidd (author of the article that started this post of mine...see below) has reconsidered his article on "Why are there so few Muslim terrorists?"

It is Beginning to Look Like the Apocalypse

Feb 17, 2015

(sent by a CH101 reader on March 1, 2015 in response to this page)

I was a Muslim till I found repeated articles in the national Muslim fortnightly paper openly advocating terrorism: "We must use whatever means possible to destroy Western capitalist society." This paper was distributed nationally for and by the "nice" Muslims of [his country].

We have had a woman beheaded in Oklahoma. Now 21 Coptic men (reportedly Christians) beheaded on a beach. The terrorists say they are headed for Rome.

We have to come to grips with the fact these Islamic radicals are determined to take over the world and destroy our Christian culture...just as they attempted to do in the middle ages which led to the Crusades. "Are you calling this a holy war?" NO! But these Islamic radicals ARE calling this a holy war and the free world better do something.

I wonder if Prof Kidd (author of the article that started this post of mine...see below) has reconsidered his article on "Why are there so few Muslim terrorists?"

A Christian Response to Islamic Terrorism

Jan 15, 2015

NOTE: This is NOT Church History - these are my personal views and should be read as such - this is why it is under the label Culture and Opinion.

I have been adding to this page since Sept 26, 2011. This last attack on Charlie Hebdo just happens to be the latest. And Duke University announces that they will begin issuing the call to prayer from their historic bell tower? They backed down, but the fact that they would even consider going in that direction tells the story.

  Does Anyone See a Pattern Here?

In 1983 I was serving in my first year as a university pastor at Troy University in Alabama. A student called me asking that I come to help her - she was in a discussion with an international student, sharing the gospel with him and he was asking questions she could not answer.

It was a young man from Iran in the USA to study. After around 15 minutes I realized that he was not at all interested in Christian faith - he was interested in converting people to Islam. He was very argumentative and began to attack the U.S., our culture and our way of life. Finally I asked him, "If you hate our culture and ways so much, why did you come here to study?"

He smiled and said, "I am here as a missionary. I am here to lead Americans to the truth of Islam." This was my first time to meet a Muslim and I was stunned. I told him he was crazy. His response: "We are coming here by the thousands and in another 10 years we will have prayer mosques at every major university in your country." I laughed and told him that would never happen.

Radical Islamic mosques are where terrorism begins


Update: Muslim's Cutting Heads Off, Random Attacks, etc.

December 13, 2014

I want to make a simple addition to this page now after we have witnessed the horrors of ISIS and their colleagues capturing journalists and decapitating them on video. Only days ago we learned that they had cut the heads off four schoolboys who claimed to be Christians and refused to recant their faith.

We have seen random attacks: cops attacked in the subway with a hatchet; a 50+ year old woman has her head cut off at work. These kinds of "terror" are intended to terrorize us. These acts are being carried out by Muslims. Are there non-Muslim attacks like this? Yes.

While I am thankful for my friends who have felt called to go to Middle-Eastern nations carrying the gospel, called to reach Muslims...I think Americans should be ready to defend themselves and their fellow citizens against these (or ANY) vicious random attacks. Random attacks will stop when attackers start being shot quickly by armed citizens. I do not think Christians should be going about looking to kill anyone, but defending yourself or other innocent people against crazy people (no matter what religion) might save lives.


The Boston Marathon Bombing and the London Terrorist Attack

     May 25, 2013

Since the original posting of this page we have seen:
- the U.S. embassy/consulate attacked in Libya, 4 members of the U.S. diplomatic team killed
- the bombing at the Boston Marathon.
Again, not many deaths, but many more with limbs lost.
- London military man hacked to death in the street in broad daylight

Again, I admit that MOST Muslims do not want to kill innocent people. The overwhelming majority of Muslims never commit terrorism.

What should be clear to everyone, however, is that a small minority of Muslims have been convinced (or convinced themselves) that they should attack and kill innocent people.

I think the London attack of May 22, 2013 is most instructive for a few reasons.
1. It happened in broad daylight (like the Boston bombing).
2. It happened not in Iraq or Afghanistan, but on a public street IN an Allied nation (allies in the "War Against Terrorism").

Perhaps THE most troubling thing is the reporting of the event follows the same pattern as the thrust of the criticism on this page: our hesitation to call Muslim terrorism by name.

In the immediate reporting of this attack in London ABC News and Brian Williams could not bring themselves to give an accurate account. One attacker, who seems anxious to be the subject of a video, clearly states that he has killed this man for Allah: "By Allah we swear by the almighty Allah and we will never stop fighting you until you leave us alone."

NBC never mentions this fact. This should not surprise as President Obama has not called this terrorism either. As of three days post attack, the President has not clearly mentioned the incident.

Then we have Islamic clerics, speaking of the attacker on video as "a normal, practicing Muslim...a family man, a very calm and non-violent man...even from the clip yesterday he was concerned and apologizing to any women and children who were there." [">]

Yes, it is quite important that we not hack, stab and kill someone in front of our women and children. Now, it could be that this cleric did say something to denounce the violent attack, but I doubt it. Typical news reports are certainly going to publish such an admission.

I hear some claiming that we are subject to such violence because we have troops in Muslim countries. Does anyone really believe that Muslim terrorism will stop as soon as our troops are removed from the Middle East?

What is amazing is that I will be verbally attacked by my statements here as if I have called for violence against Muslims. The PC environment we inhabit now refuses to call Islamic terrorism by what it is AND condemns those who simply name the reality.

There are not millions of Muslim terrorists.
But it only takes two to put incite terror such as what happened in Boston.


Why Are There So Few Muslim Terrorists?

September 26, 2011

A few days ago I posted these comments below on another site ( where Prof. Thomas Kidd answers his own rhetorical question: Why Are There So Few Muslim Terrorists?

It bothers me that I even have to say this: I am NOT suggesting that ALL Muslims are terrorists. I am NOT denying that many Muslims in America are proud citizens. I think I am fairly clear about what I AM saying - please do not write me with accusations that are not warranted by what I DO say.

My point is actually fairly simple: I believe the PC environment and the "progressive" Left want to minimize the radical element of Islam. If you say anything like I have written here you are immediately accused of being closed-minded and bigoted. Yet here a scholar is being disingenuous OR is so clouded by his PC surroundings that he does not even realize that he is misleading his audience. I actually think it could be either of these and BOTH are very concerning for me.

In his short article Mr. Kidd makes a few critical errors in his argumentation that cause me to wonder if his research is sloppy, or is it his writing? First, he correctly cites the Pew Research which asked respondents if "the Islamic religion is more likely than others to encourage violence." He then paints the broad picture with statistics indicating that conservatives were more likely to answer "yes" to the above question. Then in his fourth paragraph, he asks a rhetorical question, "If Islam did indeed require violence by its adherents..." What? This is Mr. Kidd's first obvious mistake. How did the question change from "encourage violence" MORE than other religions, to Islam "requires" violence? Later he repeats, "If Islam commands..." I guess Mr. Kidd hopes his readers will be as lazy as his writing and fail to notice this leap of non-logic.

While doing my Ph.D. at the University of St Andrews we had a young man from Iran in the divinity school working on his Ph.D. I will not give his name because his life was under threat and has probably remained that way. I am unsure of where he lives now. As a "moderate" Muslim, this young man was working on a thesis that pointed to the errors of Muslim clerics who misinterpret the Koran to say that Allah commands violence against infidel Christians and Jews. This young man knew he might not ever be able to return to Iran because of his thesis. Is it absurd to answer "yes" to the Pew question?

And what about Kidd's comment in this sentence: "It is not entirely clear how Kurzman accounts for Muslims involved with paramilitary insurgent movements throughout the Middle East and Asia, who may not technically be terrorists, but who often engage in indiscriminate violence." What? Wait a minute! How is it possible that someone who "engages in indiscriminate violence" - "may not technically be [a] terrorist[s]?" I am glad that Kidd at least admits that Kurzman was not "entirely clear."

By the way, did the Pew study address the stoning of young women and "honor killing" as part of "more likely than others to encourage violence?" To me it is quite violent when a father kills his daughter for dating a non-Muslim and thus bringing dishonor on the family. And did I mention how homosexuals are treated in Iran? Oh, I forgot, Ahmad Dinejad says there are no homosexuals in his nation. Now, I admit that I am probably more knowledgeable of such things from teaching Ethics at the university level, but these things come into my mind if I am asked the Pew question.

Does Kidd acknowledge that the general public opinion on this matter has changed? Almost twice as many people now think "the Islamic religion is more likely than others to encourage violence." From 25% to 40%. No, Kidd does not mention this fact. Nor does he feel any need to ask the question, "Why has the public opinion changed?" Does Kidd blame this rise of suspicion only on white Evangelicals? Could it have anything to do with recurring Islamic violence? Let's just take a quick survey:

- Feb 2004 - Philippines - 186 killed on a ferry. Abu Sayyaf claimed responsibility
- Mar 2004 - Spain - 201 killed in coordinated al-Qaeda bomb blasts on commuter trains
- Aug 2004 - Chechnya - 66 killed in several terrorist attacks by Muslim separatists
- Sep 2004 - Russia - 344 children and teachers killed with nail-packed bombs by Islamic militants
- Jan 2005 - Sudan - 105 killed by the Islamic government bombing a village in Darfur
- July 2005 - England - 52 killed in by Islamic terrorists bombing commuters on the subway
- Oct 2005 - India - 62 killed in coordinated blasts of Hindus, Islamic group claims responsibility

I have only taken the big attacks and only those in 2004 and 2005. There have been hundreds of terrorist attacks all around the world since 9-11. Is it absurd to answer "yes" to the Pew question?

You also MUST keep in mind that the question includes "more likely than others [religions]." This is critical IF you are going to make comments about this topic. Think about it: do you think Islam is more likely to encourage violence than the Hindu faith? than Taoism? than the Bahá'í Faith?

Another mistake Kidd makes, and I cannot decide if this is his most critical error or not: he never states a clear thesis for his article. What exactly is he saying? I do not know what his primary message is in this article.

The title gives me some hint: "Why Are There So Few Muslim Terrorists?" And then his subtitle: "Evangelicals are suspicious that Islam encourages violence. But if that is so, why are there so few Muslim terrorists?" In this subtitle Kidd begins with his obvious mistake by summarizing Evangelicals simply as "suspicious that Islam encourages violence" leaving out the critically important part of the Pew study "more likely than others." I have changed my mind, THIS IS his most egregious error because it comes at the beginning of his article and sets the stage for the reader to be misled.

So I think his thesis is to say that white, middle-aged Evangelicals are bigoted, or at least unfair in their opinions about Islam. If I am incorrect, I apologize to Mr. Kidd, but he did not clearly lead me in this article and his lack of precision made it difficult for me to "read between the lines."

So few Muslim terrorists? There were over 6 million Japanese soldiers in WWII and only 2800 Kamikazi pilots, yet the suicide pilots sunk 34 Navy ships, damaged a few hundred more and killed or wounded close to 10,000 sailors. You do not need millions of suicide bombers to bring about a great loss of life.

Comment from Steve
I conclude from listening to multiple Islamist clerics on Video that Islam is out to destroy anything that is NOT Islam. It's not hard to discern this after listening to at least 30 video taped Islamist "sermons". These clerics knew they were in front of Video cameras. They want us to know what they believe. Thank you YouTube and thank you Glenn Beck...instead of TELLING me what these guys say, you played the tapes so I could hear for myself. I have had a belly full of these nut jobs. You can have all my share of "Islam". I want no part of it. My "tolerance" has run out.

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