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Many Evangelicals do Not Agree with The National Association of Evangelicals

Feb 20, 2017

Visiting The Christian Post web site to read an article on President Trump I was irritated by an auto-open video. It was a pro-refugee video arguing against the Trump travel ban. I not only get irritated by autoplay videos, but I found the video disingenous. Yet I could not find anywhere on the site to respond directly to the video or send a comment. I eventually found a form and sent comments, but this led me to post on CH101.

If you read some of my culture posts you can see that I have been complaining about what President Trump now calls the "fake news" for many years. I started listening to NPR daily in 1987 while working on the University of Alabama campus. During the next 10 years I listened daily to NPR and watched CNN. While doing my PhD work in Scotland I listened to the BBC almost every single morning. Upon my return to the USA in 2000 I started listening to NPR again, and to my delight, started watching Fox News in the evenings. One could say that I am a news junkie.

This video on The Christian Post seems to be based on a letter posted by Galen Carey on the National Association of Evangelicals web site [https://www.nae.net/responding-current-refugee-crisis/] supporting a more open immigration/refugee policy.

In my opinion this video (and Carey's NAE letter) is disingenous to make the statement that NO refugee has committed a terrorist act since 1980. Carey states,

...since the passage of the Refugee Act of 1980 is impressive: 3 million refugees have been resettled from all regions of the world...Thanks to security screenings and clearances that have increased exponentially since 9/11, to date, zero Americans have been killed on U.S. soil by a resettled refugee.

To that end, Carey joins the Progressive Left sounding a strong warning against the Trump Administration position to ban travel from seven nations. This statement about refugees since 1980 is anachronistic in our 2017 geo-political environment and pointing to the clumsy rollout of the Trump Admin travel ban is a red herring.

Prior to 911 we had not seen an airliner used as a guided missile into a skyscaper. But there HAD been some intelligence warnings of this method of attack. It would have been good IF the NTSA had legislated reinforced cabin doors BEFORE the 911 attacks. Since 911 the public has become increasingly aware of the threat of radical Islam. Yet we are ALWAYS required to give the kneejerk addendum that Islam is a religion of peace, etc. But MOST acts of seemingly random terror are being perpetrated by men and women inspired by radical factions of Islam and each of them claim to be Muslim. Perhaps we need to believe them without feeling a constant need to make apologies.

We need to protect our nation from the hatred and the misguided thinking of radical Islam. ISIS leaders have clearly stated that they would use the refugee crisis to send fighters:

"We have sent many operatives to Europe with the refugees," an Islamic State commander said in an interview over an encrypted data service. "Some of our brothers have fulfilled their mission, but others are still waiting to be activated."
Read the interesting Newsweek article on this issue: [http://www.newsweek.com/how-isis-smuggles-terrorists-among-syrian-refugees-453039]

The Trump immigration ban is an attempt to protect us from a Trojan horse.

- Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, the Chattanooga shooter (2015), came here with his parents from Jordan when he was six years old.

- Dahir Adan, the Minnesota mall stabbing terrorist (2016), was brought to the USA with his parents when he was two years old on a REFUGEE VISA.

- Ahmad Khan Rahimi, the New Jersey bomber (2016), came to the USA from Afghanistan when he was 12 years old.

- The Tsarnaev brothers, better known as the Boston Marathon bombers (2013), were brought here in 2002 by their Chechen parents on a 90 day tourist VISA when they were 16 and 9 years old.

Add to these:
- Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter (2016), born in the USA, but his parents came here from Afghanistan.

- Syed Rizwan Farook, the San Bernadino shooter (2015), born in the USA, was brought here by his parents who came here from Pakistan. Tashfeen Malik, Farook's wife immigrated here from Saudi Arabia. They perpetrated their shooting with a six month old baby at home!

The Trump immigration ban is:
1. Only targeting select nations where we have intelligence of recruiting and chatter indicating possible terrorist attempts.
2. Is only temporary until we get vetting figured out to keep these haters out of our country.
3. Limits immigrants who have no "right" to be in the USA.

The Christian Post and the National Association of Evangelicals have the right to hold any opinion and I do not have to listen to their message. I have been an evangelical Christian for 40 years, have served as a pastor for 18 years, and have lived on three continents. I hold a Ph.D. from a world class university, I speak two languages fairly well and could do basic reading in four languages once upon a time. I do not like the NAE presuming to speak for me. This propaganda plays to less educated and close-minded people while enjoying the "feeling" that those who disagree (like me) are less educated and close-minded. This "Christian" presentation, in my opinion, is ignorant and arrogant.

This message aligns with other biased media pushing Americans, and especially our children (who do not yet have the historical perspective nor the breadth of reading) to naively join a chorus of what seems like the truly loving and Christian ideal of welcoming immigrants from around the world. This view has infected millenials with a Mr. Rogers group-think which is leading us to welcome thousands of Trojan horses into our nation. I am not even sure millenials were taught the Trojan horse story - after all, it is so xenophobic and racist!

I think the 49 gay and lesbian young people slain in Orlando MIGHT like to warn us and remind us of the Trojan horse story...if they could only talk to us. Their families would likely say something similar, but I doubt the media gives them a voice IF they want to warn us. Has anyone in the media sent a reporter down there to see if ANY survivors would issue this warning? I sincerely doubt it, for it goes against the grain of this push against Trump and FOR open borders.

President Trump is an easy target, but none of the attacks I have listed happened during his short time in office.

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