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Research Background - Christopher Craun

Christopher Craun
Assistant Professor of Ancient History, University of Central Arkansas
(see my personal page)

- B.A. History, University of Arkansas  (1998)
- Ph.D. Medieval History, University of St Andrews, Scotland,  (2006)

- Arkansas Governor's School alumnus  (1989)
- Governor's Scholar, University of Arkansas  (1990-1992)
- National Merit Scholar, University of Arkansas  (1990-1992)
- Russell Trust Award, University of St. Andrews  (2002)
   (For research in Germany)
- Research stipend, German Historical Institute, London, UK  (2002)
   (For study abroad in medieval libraries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

"A Contextualization of Hrabanus Maurus' Martyrologium" (Ph.D. Dissertation, 2006)

"Matronly Monks: Sexual Imagery in the Historia Religiosa of Theodoret of Cyrrhus" Holiness and Masculinity, Patricia Cullum and Katherine Lewis, ed. (Univeristy of Wales Press, 2004).

Multiple entries in Encyclopedia of Medieval Literature, Jay Ruud, ed. (Facts on File Press, 2005).

"Four Experiences of the Great Depression," Flashback, Journal of the Washington County (AR) Historical Society (February 1998).

Conference Papers
"The Development of Early Martyrologies"
    Arkansas Association of College History Teachers (Hot Springs, AR)

"The Gift that Keeps on Giving, Sources for Relic Depositions in Fulda and S. Riquier"
    International Medieval Congress (Leeds, UK)

"The Discourse of Angilbert's Relic Depositions in S. Riqiuer c. 800"
    International Congress of Medieval Studies (Kalamazoo, MI)

"Geographic Emphasis in Hrabanus Maurus' Martyrologium"
    Texts and Identities Annual Conference (Cambridge, UK)

"Matronly Monks: Sexual Imagery in Theodoret of Cyrrhus' Historia Religiosa"
    Holiness and Masculinity Conference (University of Huddersfield, UK)

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