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David Wimbish is the force behind The Collection, but he would never say it. When you watch their videos or see them in concert he obviously pushes others to the front and quickly shares the spotlight. But when you find out that he writes all of the songs and the music, then you hear him sing it becomes clear - this guy is crazy talented.

I should admit up front that my daughter (Hope Baker) plays clarinet in The Collection, but I can assure you that my efforts to help promote this band are 95% driven by my honest opinion - this band is headed for something BIG.

I am going to give up my age here: when I went to The Collection concert I was blown away...and moved. I was flooded with memories of Randy Stonehill, John Michael Talbot and yes, Keith Green. If you like the lyrics of groups like LifeHouse, Switchfoot or John Mark McMillan, you need to buy this CD and get to know this group. The lyrics are nothing short of brilliant. The music is kinda folksy, kinda edgy, kinda cool, but it's really the dynamic of the group...the enormous number of instruments and the musical arrangements that make this group so special. A band member would turn away for a few seconds, then reappear with another instrument. I kept thinking, "Where are they hiding all these instruments?" Don't believe this old, cranky 50+ man? Read another review of The Collection CD by someone who knows far more about music and what is hot.

The energy of this band is also something that must be mentioned. The intensity of the band when a song hits a crescendo is nothing short of amazing. Guys are jumping around while they play and screaming out the key chorus lines! It's awesome. This group is definitely best when seen in concert.

The Collection is using KickStarter to fund the production of their next CD. If I had the dosh (as they say in Scotland), I would give these guys 10G's. They are good. They have a great spirit. I felt a real presence of God during their concert. I was really moved.

More on David Wimbish and the Band
My oldest daughter told me over a year ago that she had a tryout for a local band to play clarinet. I guess I figured it was some kind of concert band playing classical music. Some months later she told us that she was going "on the road" with this group. She asked me to listen to their CD one night as I was bringing her home from school in Greensboro NC. After the second song I turned the CD off and said, "Hope, you need to stick with this band because it (Wimbish) is going places. This guy is good." Now that probably sounds very opportunistic, but as we talked further I made it clear that I was highly impressed with the talent and the spirit of what I felt in the music. As I said at the start, listening to The Collection almost always brings back memories of Keith Green and Glenn Kaiser (Resurrection Band).

When I had the chance to hear them live in concert, playing in Raleigh, I made sure to be there. In the midst of their set David spoke briefly about how a good friend had recently taken his own life; this was a friend of many members in the band. It was a moving moment and enhanced my feeling that these guys were truly spiritual and were also more than a band - they are a Christian community. My daughter confirmed this later. I stayed late after the concert to speak with David and several other band members. I wanted them to know how much they had touched my soul.

David Wimbish (along with his wife, Mira Joy) impresses me as a young man with a heart for God...and talent. If you think I have gone "over-the-top" with this review I invite you to take a listen to the song "Dirt" on YouTube (linked to the right).

R.A. Baker
Ph.D. Ecclesiastical History


Collection's KickStarter campaign for their new album, Ars Moriendi ("The Art of Dying")

Buy the CD: "The Collection" - you'll like it.

David Wimbish singing "Dirt"
and playing a banjo like a guitar - very cool.

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