Al Baker scheduled to teach at
Continental Theological Seminary
Brussels, Belgium

I have been asked to teach at Continental Theological Seminary [CTS], the only Assemblies of God seminary in Europe. I will be heading over to Belgium for two weeks around Sept 24 to meet the faculty, the students and to become familiar with the campus. This will be good because I will be teaching Church History remotely this Fall, so I will get to meet the students in my class.

The plan is to teach three classes on campus for the Spring semester. I am super excited about this opportunity to teach young men and women who feel a calling to serve the Lord in ministry. It feels like I have been waiting over 20 years for an opportunity like this one.

Many of the faculty from the U.S.A. are full-time missionaries. Like them, I am raising a missions budget to join the faculty at CTS. This is a short-term mission right now - I am hopeful that I can teach at CTS for years to come. Please consider helping me on this journey. Follow this link to make a donation.
Also, please pray for me: that the Lord will use me to challenge and encourage the future leaders of the church in Europe.

Donations will be receipted by the Assemblies of God World Missions at the end of the year. The link takes you to a page for "Al Baker." Mostly family, older friends from high school...and Heather call me "Alan."

Heather and me in 2021. We celebrated our 41st anniversary this year. Please feel free to call, text or e-mail me. I would enjoy connecting with you.