Wine Article Downloads

Wine in the Ancient World, Part 1 has been accessed over 10,000 times. I get asked almost every month for Wine, Part 2. I have apologized so many times - I never thought I would ever get it done - and it is now 90%, so I decided to put Part 2 out into the public.

Part 2 is unfinished.
I would like to invite you to download and read Part 2, then send me any comments, questions, criticisms or ideas for what you would like me to address in this paper. This will help me complete the paper. I welcome your help.


Questions, Comments or Criticisms:
You can send an email to directly to me Al Baker, CH101.
CH101 retains the right to edit and post comments/questions unless you specifically ask that your comments NOT be posted. Comments that are personal or private are never posted...only questions about Church History, the Bible, etc.