06-Timaeus on Creation

Timaeus 28a - 30b
Timaeus tells of the formation of the world

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Again, all that comes into being must come into being from some cause, for it is impossible for anything to be generated without any cause.

So this is the idea expressed in the Christian faith of "ex nihilo" creation from nothing.

The supreme being started it all, thus there was a "cause."


In the Laws of Physics:
For every action, there is a equal reaction.

But Plato sounds like he is saying the universe itself is eternal.

Does this make sense?


Chaos Theory

Where did such intricant randomness come from?
Did a "God" HAVE to create it?

The Laws of Math and Physics?

Did a "God" have to create these?...
OR could chaos theory help to show that the universe itself has order?

Aristotle appears to argue against Timaeus in his work titled "Physics."

Some of you might want to pursue this further as your writing assignment.

But then again...we have several more papers and sections of philosophical writings to sample in the next three weeks.

Write me a 1-2 page paper giving me your thoughts on this reading of Timaeus.

I am not asking for a term paper, with everything spelled out.

I want you to write your thoughts in a short 1-2 page paper to get used to putting your thoughts down.

The more you do this, the easier it will become.

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