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Pacifism, the Military and Christianity:
From the New Testament to Emperor Constantine

Work on Emperor Constantine led me to deal with the issue of early Christianity and it's involvement with the military and war. I have been asked to present the historical evidence at a leadership gathering for a Protestant "Free" Church denomination. I put the evidence into an eBook.

See the Table of Contents

A Concise History of the Christian Church:
From the Apostles to the Council of Nicea 325 A.D.

The title says it: Concise.
Many readers have sent comments that this eBook has helped them to get a good grasp of the Early Church without getting lost in the dates and names.

See the Table of Contents

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I am happy to offer FREE copies of A Concise History to Pastors and Bible College students overseas -- Just send me a request: our Contact form.
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Early Church Fathers - History
Reformers reject The Apocrypha
Origen and Universalism
Water Baptism - Early Church
Church Fathers and NT Revelation
Church Fathers Santification, Holiness
Sabbath and Christian Worship
Baptism Early Church Scholars
Constantine Christianity Sunday Worship
Early Church Fathers and History
Early Church Fathers View Military Service
Early Church Fathers Military and War
Palestine in the Ancient World
Christian use of Candles in Worship
Christians and Pagan Influences
Sabbath Day Worship
Baptismal Practices in the Early Church
Constantine - Sol Invictus
Church History - New Testament
The Apocrypha - New Testament
New Testament, Faith, and the Resurrection
New Testament and Tithing
Pagan Influences on Christianity
Hellenized Jews and Pagan Influences
Sabbath Day and Sunday Worship
Baptism in the Early Church
Emperor Constantine - Christianity
Church History Book Reviews
Bart Ehrman and Gnostic Texts
Bart Ehrman New Testament
David Bercot and Heretics
Hannah Whitall Smith
David Bercot and Church History
Keeping the Sabbath
Baptismal Practice - Early Church
Emperor Constantine the Great